Andrew Senior

Owner and Personal Fitness Trainer

I have always loved sports and being active. The ability to run for distance and with speed came natural and as a result competitive running in both road races and track and field is something I’ve excelled at really enjoy. The development of a strong body through strength training has provided me with a youthful and fit appearance, and have realized how important it is to have exercise in my life. Wrestling, boxing, ice hockey and martial arts are other disciplines to which I have dedicated myself. The highlight of my competitive sports career so far is competing in the 2005 World Masters Competition in which I participated in the Javelin throw, earning a bronze medal! Currently, I train and compete in Tae Kwon Do as a Third Degree Black Belt.

It is with my passion for sport and exercise along with my life experience that I endeavour to assist others to build on who they are through personal fitness training and various exercise and/or sporting disciplines.

Andrew Senior Personal Trainer

“My journey to recapture my life began on the sweet 14th day of February 2016.  A long-time friend gifted me with personal fitness training with a kind and patient Personal Trainer, Andrew Senior, who with his professional expertise in fitness training and rehabilitation gave me hope and restored joy!.  You see, I am burdened with a brain injury suffered from an unfortunate mishap where I fell and struck my head on a coffee table.  Diagnosed with what is known as Cerebellum Ataxia, my gait and equilibrium have been severely compromised.   So rather than succumb to being confined to a wheelchair and walker I am now walking freely and independently with a greatly improved gait, a much stronger body, and vastly improved equilibrium.  My trainer, Andrew, has supported and challenged me to reach to new horizons which include walking on a treadmill, balancing on a three inch wide platform, using weight machines, and even boxing!  With consistent encouragement from my trainer I have regained hope for my future, I have rediscovered my smile, and I have made new friends!  Now returning to the workforce and enjoying social outings no longer seem out of reach.  No longer restricted by fear I believe in myself and am embracing my abilities all thanks to my friend,  and my trainer Andrew Senior!”