How has Elevate Fitness helped my weight loss and confidence

Fitness Testimonials

“​I started working out with Andrew about four months ago. I wanted to find a trainer who could help me with a back injury, tone up, and also lose a few pounds for my wedding. I had only ever worked out at Spa Lady with female trainers, so when I was paired up with a male trainer it was a new experience for me.

I soon found out that Andrew is an extremely dedicated, attentive, and caring fitness professional. He keeps a journal of our workouts so that every session is personalized for my needs and I can look back and see what I have accomplished. I feel like Andrew truly cares about my health and is always checking in to see how I feel and what we should work on next. I have never done boxing or Taekwondo workouts before, but Andrew adds in different things to keep each workout interesting and fun. Over the past four months, I have lost about 13 pounds and 8 inches overall. I felt fantastic on my wedding day and can’t wait to get into the gym and continue to work out with Andrew.”  – C.H.
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“I engaged Andrew Senior to develop a personal training plan.  My goals were simply to build strength, increase core stability and work on cardio.   We trained once a week and I continued with the plan an additional 2 to 3 times a week plus cardio a couple of times a week.

Every 6 weeks the plan would change to work on specific muscle groups while keeping a balanced program.  Over this period I have improved core stability, increased strength, and developed strong muscle definition.  Andrew has been consistent and professional in his approach and I am very pleased with the results.” M.F.
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“My wife and I engaged Andrew t develop and execute a personalized training program for us. We wanted to try a different approach from the usual gym visits. My goal was to regain cardio endurance after quitting my smoking habit and then do strength training.

My wife wanted to focus on weight reduction. Andrew designed a personalized work out plan for us and helped us achieve our goals through regular training. We had a great experience with Andrew. We found him detail-oriented, meticulous, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.  Workouts with him were always fun as he always tried to innovate and added different elements to keep us challenged and engaged. We strongly recommend him for any personal fitness work.” M.M.
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“I wanted to take this opportunity to highly recommend Andrew and the facility he uses – I always used to be intimidated to go to the gym but since I started attending Andrew’s classes every Friday night I have lost the fear of the gym.

Andrew makes it very easy to learn the equipment and he has a very holistic approach in that he always varies the exercises. We do everything from kick-boxing moves (no actual fighting BTW), to balancing on Bosu balls, to planking, to weight lifting. He focuses the exercises on a range of motion so that various muscle groups are worked. On top of all that he’s just plain interesting and easygoing which makes the whole experience easy.”  K.G.
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“I started training with Andrew after a year and a half of inactivity and while I was still on debilitating medication.  I had no core strength and little leg strength.  I was 40 pounds overweight and discouraged.  Over the past 9 months, I have regained substantial core strength and leg strength, become more positive, and lost 35 pounds (in conjunction with a diet).

Andrew has been great to work with.  He understood what the issues were and used his knowledge and skill to overcome them.  If you want a reference, ask Andrew for my phone number.”  B.B.
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“Andrew Senior has been my personal in-home trainer for a number of months now and I would highly recommend him to be yours too! I have worked with many personal trainers over the last 10 years and found Andrew to be the most effective and professional in all my experience.

He is extremely knowledgeable and uses many techniques so you are never bored and easily able to maximize your training time.  He is reliable, kind and yet is able to push you to the fullest.  If you are already working out with another trainer, I encourage you to try working with Andrew and then decide.  And if you are thinking of hiring a trainer, you will find no one better! Best wishes in your personal training and health goals!  Sincerely, S.H.”
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