Personal Training Services

Personal Training Services

1 on 1 Training

One on One Training

You can believe just as you can take action.  Become the best version of yourself with the individual personalized support of a professional fitness trainer.  Receive ongoing motivation along with your tailored program as you progress step by step to your goals and beyond!

Monthly personal training package/membership
3 x per week = $500 monthly
2 x per week = $360 monthly
1x per week = $200 monthly

Partner Training

Partner Fitness Training

Prefer and enjoy the company of a friend or training partner, then Partner Training is an option to pursue your health success. When choosing this avenue it is strongly recommended that both clients have similar goals in order to achieve desired results. An interactive and economical approach to elevate your fitness!

Partner Training $75 per session
3x per week= $750 monthly
2x per week= $540 monthly
1x per week= $300 monthly

Monthly Training Challenge

Monthly Fitness Challenge

In keeping with the vision to reach all who desire health and wholeness,  Elevate Fitness & Sport Training offers an unique monthly fitness challenge which is open to anyone, anywhere! There will be two monthly workout programs available.  One geared to strength and muscle development.  The other geared to toning, muscle endurance and mobility.

Each program will be presented on our Youtube Channel Valiant TV the first day of each month.  The more participants the greater the opportunity for success in terms of gaining and achieving results.  The possibility of receiving financial reward for your efforts serves as additional motivation with the winner receiving 25% of pooled entries!

For more detailed information regarding how to participate please contact Andrew.

Monthly training challenge
$20 per person
Participants dollars are pooled
50% of pool to Trainer
25% to Challenge Winner
25% to Official Charity

Online Training

Online Fitness Training

$100 per month for online training. Includes program design and program. One-on-one live chat session/assessment available for additional cost.

*Join our Online Community, The Valiant Force on Facebook! Receive additional support, encouragement, tips, feedback with your fitness program and inquiries via an open forum. Cost $20 per month

Fitness Kickboxing/Boxing

Fitness Kickboxing

Learn the fundamental martial skills of punching, kicking and striking in a safe and fun class. No experience necessary.  A great way to sweat, burn calories, and build confidence while overcoming and releasing tension or stress!

Classess are $150 for 10 sessions @ 1 session per week

Group Training

Group Personal Training

Reduce costs and aim for your fitness goals in a group of 3 to 5 people.  There is power in numbers, with accountability, community as well as friendly support and encouragement.

$100 per session for a group of 3 to 5 people